My name is Chris Ott, a former professional cyclist with a career that spanned over 8 years. I competed in as many as 100 races per year including the CoreStates US Professional Championships and New Jersey Bank Classic with such cyclists as Greg Lemond and Lance Armstrong. Not only an accomplished athlete, I am also a successful executive with over 20 years of strategic marketing and internet experience in leading organizations. My entrepreneurial talents have led me to pioneer and develop new business opportunities such as a bicycle retail chain and e-Commerce business. Additionally, I was the head of marketing that launched's Silicon Valley market in 1999 along with being an "on-air radio personality" on the Mix106.5 morning show as the spokesperson for Most impressive in my work history is my ability to refocus and organize departments to create a profitable business model, demonstrated in the positions I’ve held. I am a poised professional and business director with solid experience in strategic and conceptual marketing. Demonstrated strengths include my ability to successfully motivate a team of employees and multiple departments in a creative environment while establishing solid business direction by creating a business plan, establishing partnerships, building a brand, generating revenue, and ultimately delivering results

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